A Quality Partnership – Edge Technology Services and SQGNE

Posted on 2013-07-05 by Technical Recruiting

Last year, we engaged with the Software Quality Group of New England (SQGNE) to serve as one of their corporate annual sponsors.  As a corporate sponsor we are committed to promoting SQGNE and its mission.  We also attend and support SQGNE’s monthly meetings while extending our expertise where applicable, i.e. networking, hosting a resume workshop, job fair, etc…

SQGNE was founded in 1994 and serves a professional group dedicated to promoting the use of engineering and management techniques that lead to the delivery of high quality software.  The monthly meetings, held in Burlington, MA, provide an opportunity for all quality assurance and engineer professionals to come, network, collaborate, and learn about a new topic each month that’s relevant to the software quality field.

The group was founded by software quality consultant and ASQ Software Division Councilor (from 1994-2002) John Pustaver who has been a director of the group since its founding. John not only possesses a passion for software quality, but also has a vision for keeping those in the field engaged, connected, and driving with an exciting road ahead.

As a corporate technology partner, we at Edge Technology Services strive to help our clients maximize their technology investment. Engaging with and sponsoring SQGNE not only aligns to our corporate mission, but it also:

  • Enables us to keep pace with software quality trends
  • Fosters a learning environment where our team members can further their career development goals
  • Provides an opportunity to network amongst peers and share business intelligence

I am thankful to SQGNE for all that it has provided me personally and the Edge Technology Services team throughout the past year. I am also happy that we were able to sponsor and support such an astounding organization.  I look forward to new topics in the road ahead for 2012- 2013…  BUT wait there is still one more meeting to go for this year before September kicks off a new year.

If you are in the software quality field and want to attend the LAST SQGNE monthly meeting with us, simply RSVP by e-mailing me at bbagg@edgets.com. The last meeting for 2011-2012 entitled ‘Annual Hot Topics’ will be July 11 in Burlington, MA at 6PM. The Hot Topics discussions will start with a game to see who can answer the relevant questions relating to that particular topic and the prizes are $10 gift cards sponsored by Edge Technology Services!  The networking portion of this meeting 6PM – 6:30PM will kick-off with a salary negotiation seminar!  For more visit http://sqgne.org/calendar.html.

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