EDGE Technology Services Publishes ‘IT-ization of Broadcasting: The Digital Conundrum’

Posted on 2011-04-11 by

EDGE Technology Services, a leader in corporate technology consulting services, has published a white paper, entitled ‘IT-ization of Broadcasting: The Digital Conundrum’. The paper identifies key trends and insight in how IT has become the driving factor in doing business in a digital world; shifting from what once was a reactive role to proactive. In addition to highlighting the trends, the paper acknowledges best practices on how to better align IT strategies to the business as a whole. ‘IT-ization of Broadcasting: The Digital Conundrum’ emphasizes how many industries have seen numerous technology changes throughout its history, but perhaps none of them compares to the profound impact and speed of the transition to “digital.” In an effort to capitalize on digital technology in industries like media, where content needed to be created and delivered digitally, some companies duplicated all processes and practices; which naturally led to increased cost. This approach put executives in a digital conundrum of ‘how do I leverage the power of digital without sacrificing margins or competitive advantages?’ The paper denotes key questions for executives who are in the digital conundrum to address and talks at length about how to utilize IT strategically to move business operations forward. To download the paper visit www.edgets.com/ITizationofBroadcasting.pdf. The author, Alec Pettersen is the SVP, of Edge Technology Service’s Media Practice. At Edge, he helps media executives develop sustainable IT strategies. As a former CIO of a large broadcast group, he has not only created digital transformative programs for media enterprises, but also participated—first hand—in the benefits of aligning IT to company business strategy. For more information on EDGE Technology Services visit www.edgets.com.

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