EDGE Technology Services Publishes Best-of-Breed Software Solutions: The Hidden Gotchas

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EDGE Technology Services, a leader in corporate technology consulting services, has published a white paper, entitled ‘Best-of-Breed Software Solutions: The Hidden Gotchas’. The paper identifies the ‘Best-of-Breed’ (BoB) approach as a popular philosophy for choosing media enterprise software systems today. It highlights where the “the hidden gotchas” are in doing so, while simultaneously providing the questions that must be answered when implementing such an approach. ‘Best-of-Breed Software Solutions: The Hidden Gotchas’ articulates the benefits of choosing single software systems that best match the needs of individual applications/departments from multiple vendors. It also provides thoughtful insights to the challenges of “cobbling” them to work together for the business holistically. As noted in the paper “Without fully understanding the ‘gotchas’ of BoB solutions, many media enterprises could end up spending more than necessary to build, manage, maintain and staff such solutions.” The paper serves as critical tool and reference for executives who are considering and/or implementing the BoB approach for their enterprise software system. It also talks at length about ways to minimize risk and additional cost in doing so. To download a copy of the white paper visit http://edgets.com/BoBSoftwareSolutions.pdf The author, Alec Pettersen is the SVP, of Edge Technology Service’s Media Practice. At EDGE, he helps media executives develop sustainable IT strategies. As a former CIO of a large broadcast group, he has not only created digital transformative programs for media enterprises, but also participated—first hand—in the benefits of aligning IT to company business strategy. For more information on EDGE Technology Services visit www.edgets.com.

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