Staffing Augmentation as a Strategy

Posted on 2012-06-21 by Carl Perugini

Most of us perceive staffing as something that is mission critical to the business. Something we need. Something we have to do in order for day-to-day business to transpire. Therefore, we can all agree, that  it is not unheard of that in the absence of staff whether temporary or permanent – that businesses do  turn to a staffing augmentation service provider to help them fill the gap. This is again filling a need, it is a reaction.  So let me ask the question, have you ever thought of utilizing staffing augmentation services in a more proactive and strategic manner?

Many things have changed in the way we do business from over 5, 10, 15 years ago and staffing solution services is no exception.  Imagine utilizing a staffing augmentation services partner who is focused on finding high-quality talent and aligning them to your business needs; at all levels of your organization, for the set time you are looking for, with the specialized skill set you need…

Whether it be:

  • Extra staffing to support and/or lead projects
  • Filling a mission-critical role that has been left vacant for vacations, maternity, or injury
  • Taking a test drive of a position where you want to try it out 1st within the organization before establishing and hiring for it permanently
  • Perhaps you need a temporary hire with a specialized skill set to make your next project happen
  • Or maybe you’re just looking for that next stellar employee and in need of a little assistance to find them

At edge technology services we are truly focused on serving our clients as a corporate technology partner; whereby helping them to maximize their technology investment. And staffing augmentation is one the services we provide our clients to help them do just that. We are not afraid to think outside the box and find solutions that are innovative, support our client’s corporate strategy, and at the end of the day generate a return on investment. Staffing does not need to be an afterthought, start utilizing it more strategically to your advantage.

I know I am biased, but when it comes to our expertise in staffing it does not stop with identifying the problem and providing a solution.  We are committed and passionate about what we do, so we proactively work with our clients every step of the way to ensure we are accomplishing the objectives they are trying to achieve regardless of the technology staffing project at hand.

If you need a partner to talk to about how to more effectively utilize staffing augmentation services as a strategy, please feel free to give me a shout at 860.635.3342; or connect with me on Twitter @c_perugini

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