Healthcare And Pharmaceutical

For a Major Healthcare Client

Data Warehouse Development Project Learn More >
  • With a major development concentration in Data Warehousing w utilized tools such as ERwin, Visio, Informatica, and ESSbase to model processes & data, and to assist in the design and development of the new warehouses supporting our client’s domestic as well as international offices
  • Our senior consultants have taken Project Leadership roles in the implementation of Reinsurance Warehouse projects that include data marts addressing Experience (revenue and losses), Potential Exposures, and Underwriting Movement
  • We have been retained to lead planned Data Warehousing projects that will be directed to Corporate Earnings and Exposures

Our senior consultants are also leading this client’s Center of Excellence that addresses the Data Warehouse Development and Project Management Methodologies that will be utilized by all of their future Reinsurance Warehouse projects. They have adapted portions of industry leading Data Warehouse methodologies to the client’s unique environment to ensure the timely delivery of warehouse technologies and systems to meet the needs of their customers.

For a Pharmaceutical Client

Implementation of e-Business Web Portals Learn More >
  • We provided strategic direction to our client regarding advances in the implementation of e-Business Web Portals
  • Web Portals serve a variety of constituents including: internal resources, external business partners, as well as customers
  • Our consultants have extensive familiarity with the wide variety of tools sets available to implement this technology and achieve the greatest benefit and utility from it

For Lab Scientists and Technicians

Client Server Based Laboratory Information Management System Learn More >
  • Our consultants utilized an Advanced Application Development methodology to create a Client/Server based Laboratory Information Management System that assisted lab scientists and technicians with the tracking of material testing, including the reporting and cataloguing of results
  • The AAD methodology utilized an iterative approach to reduce the development life-cycle, while allowing the client to see the application develop in stages over time - much like viewing a new home as it is being constructed
  • The application allowed pharmaceutical scientists to create work orders to initiate a variety of testing on a material under development or review
  • The application then facilitated the assignment and tracking of these work orders throughout the testing process
  • Lab technicians recorded tests conducted, typically several per work order, as well as the associated results
  • When all testing was completed, the initiating scientist was notified and had online access to the testing methodologies used and the results
  • A reporting capability provided metrics for use by management in developing improvements to the testing process