EDGE Offers On the Job Training Alternative To Keep Jobs In Connecticut

March 25, 2014


Traditional On the Job Training vs. The EDGE Difference


Traditional On the Job Training (OJT)

In a traditional OJT approach to hiring, the employer hires a candidate and plans to bring their skills up to the needs of the employer by placing the new hire under the wing of one or more senior people in the client organization until such time as the new hire achieves the desired proficiency.  However, if the employer no longer believes they can achieve that performance the relationship is terminated.

This approach puts a heavy burden on the employer, both in terms of the risk that the new hire will work out as well as the imposition on the in-house staff to support the new hire for the duration of the program.


EDGE has a different model and a different idea.

EDGE has created a “Center Of Excellence” which is a group of both experienced and new hire personnel who work together in a mentoring and training capacity, at our location, to support the new hire as they get acclimated to the desired skill levels.  

We ask the client to allow EDGE to take responsibility for the maintenance and/or operational support of one or more legacy applications and we, in turn, use these applications as a training environment for the new hire.  We charge a fixed $ per month fee or we will determine an hourly rate to perform the support for the legacy applications.  The fee funds the training until the new hire gets up to speed and can perform independently, at which time we either keep the people in our facility and continue to support the client’s applications or allow the client to hire the person to their in-house team.

This approach allows the client to transfer the risk to EDGE while also avoiding the tax on productivity for their existing staff.  In this way, clients can deploy their most experienced staff to the highest priority work and transfer the responsibility for legacy maintenance to EDGE.  We will provide short, medium or long-term support for any collections of applications and we agree to performance metrics/minimum acceptable service levels (MASLs) to ensure the performance is satisfactory to our clients.

Our goal at EDGE is to keep and bring jobs back to Connecticut as well as providing an alternative to full outsourcing of these functions to off-shore providers.  We will work with the Connecticut Workforce Alliance to find and screen the candidates for these jobs and to help with the training challenges.  EDGE welcomes the opportunity to discuss this exciting new idea in more detail with you.

Center Of Excellence Summary Benefits

1.     Complements and frees up in-house staff for mission critical work

2.     Maintain applications for predictable costs

3.     Backed by a 300 person technology service company

4.     Creates Connecticut jobs

5.     Local technical resources to support client needs

6.     Shift the burden of hiring and training new staff

7.     Defined service levels and outcome measures

8.     Works with Connecticut Workforce Alliance to find and train candidates

9.     EDGE provides the environment and equipment needed