Posted: 06/12/2019

Project Manager

We see this role as being satisfied by someone who has performed Project Manager or Sr Analyst roles.  This person will play an integral part of ensuring the continuous success of the Transformation. The person in this role will routinely interact with senior leaders and meaningfully contribute to one of the business’s major initiatives. They have three primary functions:

Support Meetings

- Before the meeting: Pull TO trackers, write TO comments, issue meeting materials and print trackers, brief CTO on issues/update (as needed)
- During the meeting: Prepare VC/dial in and run presentation, take follow up actions, serve as thought partner in probing initiative rationale (e.g., questions to push problem solving, clarifications and identifying issues to escalate including with WSS by helping suggest items for weekly meetings)
- After the meeting: Update and share TO Meeting actions, follow-up with team on actions and provide guidance to mitigate/resolve issues

Support Reporting

- Develop reports: Understand business need and data sources to provide answers to the relevant questions, structure and automate reports to minimize the time required to repeat the analysis (TO Reports, WSS Reports, WSL Reports and other ad hoc analysis)
- Maintain reports and data: Modify and reconcile reports when underlying data structures change
- Develop CEO and Board communications: Summarize key takeaways from the Transformation and TO meetings, role model top-down communication, produce documents of the highest presentation quality

Problem Solve

- Provide ad-hoc problem solving and work with key stakeholders to drive issues to resolution in: Development of targets, development of Transformation rules of engagement, reconciliation with actual financials or other sources, Wave configuration changes, development of communications drafts (including workshop materials)


Critical Competencies and technical knowledge: 
• Passion for/attention to detail 
• Insatiable curiosity for more value (how do I get more, faster)
• Pragmatic problem-solver (80/20)
• Ability to work effectively in a high pace environment
• Ability to communicate well with roles of all levels
• Create effective dashboards and reports:  Build business cases, optimization, financial, scenario modeling and deploy various analytics techniques e.g., Excel, VBA, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL etc.
• Expertise in Microsoft Office applications (i.e., Excel, PowerPoint)
• Deep familiarity with accounting and financial reporting requirements

• Experience with project management tools and techniques, such as developing a project plan / milestone plan, dependency identification, status reporting, and issue resolution
• Sufficiently senior so as to make decisions and provide approvals
• Demonstrable track record of influencing and coaching others within Company
• Prior team leadership experience 
• Demonstrable track record delivering results

Where: Windsor, CT,


Industry: Financial Services
Position Type: Contract