Media & IT Sourcing

The selection of key media business and IT applications requires skills and experience found in dedicated sourcing departments. If your company does not have those resources in-house, the Media Practice at EDGE can supply them on a per project basis.

Since 2000 EDGE has been selected by several prominent media companies to help source and select the right solutions for critical business and technology requirements. We’ve earned a reputation for innovation in bringing crucial decision-making tools to the forefront.

Starting with thorough requirements gathering, EDGE focuses on the most significant decision-making criteria, leads effective provider and product reviews, and helps clients conduct financially sound contract negotiations. 

Requirements Gathering

The EDGE difference starts in the way we gather and roll-up the raw functional requirements into a Fit/Gap analysis. This analysis leads into Use Case Scenarios which frame RFIs, RFPs and vendor demonstrations. We expertly map not only what you company needs today but what you’ll likely need in the future.

Provider Presentations

Vendor-controlled solution demonstrations are often self-serving and confusing. EDGE helps clients control  the process by scripting succinct use case scenarios to which the short-listed provider candidates must present. We also utilize a unique method of scoring presentations which facilitates consensus and clear decision-making.

 Best Practices

The implementation of new Media and IT applications offers our clients the opportunity to re-examine processes and workflows, with an eye toward increased efficiency and productivity. EDGE can propose alternative practices which will enhance your use of the selected new applications. We can also recommend changes to the environment in which new technology will be used, in order to produce enhanced bottom line results. EDGE has significant experience in configuring applications to better fit the client's practices and avoid costly custom development.  

Procurement Guidance

EDGE spends significant time each year connecting with leading providers of Media business and IT applications, to know their current versions well and understand their unique competitive advantages. Our strong vendor relationships enable us to assist clients in comprehensive and collaborative negotiations which produce the best match of client needs and provider capabilities. Our experienced Media Practice team has participated in hundreds of these negotiations from the provider, client and consultant perspectives. 

Skills Sourcing

In addition to the business and IT applications your company may acquire with EDGE guidance, we can also present carefully-screened manpower resources on a contract or right-to-hire basis to augment your current workforce in key areas. Please see more about our capabilities in Talent Acquisition in the Media Recruiting & Staffing section of our website.

Power is shifting from distributors of content to consumers of content. As a result, those consumers have more control, more choice, more personalization and more interactivity than ever before. This shift is exposing new pressure points and opportunities for media companies:

  • There are now more ways to reach the consumer. More devices and methods to consume media make it easier to reach the consumer.

  • That said, it is harder to engage the consumer. It has become more difficult to break through the noise, given increased audience fragmentation and lower engagement, to reach and retain consumers.

  • Faster response times are required. Increased velocity across the industry means that companies must become faster and more efficient in responding to market changes.

  • Market complexity is increasing. Companies are pursuing a wide range of business models to meet the increased demands of consumers.

  • There is mounting platform/technology uncertainty. Many different platforms are competing for consumers' attention and content owners' distribution rights. In the absence of clear long-term winning models, media companies must make savvy decisions that maximize their own economic interests and the consumer experience. 

Various sectors are at different stages in this transition. Across them all, rapidly shifting revenue opportunities are prompting companies to ask the tough questions about their product offerings, their business models, their organizational models and everything in between. Edge works alongside client teams to make sure they emerge as winners.