Media Consulting

Successful media technology projects start with skilled planning and an eye on the key business processes the technology supports. The EDGE Media Practice offers seasoned media executives who:

·         Have been on the front lines

·         Know the business from their clients’ perspectives

·         Have Subject Matter Expertise to guide a project’s path to success.


EDGE consultants have contributed important discovery, analysis, documentation and planning for projects at  prominent media companies for many years. Our consultants complement your company’s in-house resources and enable your strategy, assets and competitive advantages.

Discover where your EDGE is by sharing your project goals and expectations with our Media Practice leadership. We will provide concrete examples of  what we’ve accomplished on similar projects and how we can make an important difference for you. 

Business Process Documentation

The Edge Media Practice has earned a reputation for precise review and description of the key business and operational factors which make each client unique. Our documentation captures the essential components for planning any significant media technology  addition or improvement project. EDGE accomplishes this foundational planning step in a uniquely cost-efficient way and we will be pleased to provide examples.


Competitive Market Analyses

EDGE Subject Matter Experts know the nuances of media marketplaces. This knowledge is based on direct observation and participation, not theoretical discussion. Our SMEs can help reveal the competitive opportunities which new and improved technology will facilitate. Just check our references.

Strategic Project Plans

Once solid business process documentation has been completed, EDGE develops a comprehensive project plan, including deliverables such as:

  • Operational Requirements Gathering

  • Fit/Gap Analyses

  • Operations & Workflow Documentation

Each project plan succeeds based on distinct factors. We architect plans according to unique drivers and environments. We do not simply recycle blueprints. We will build a project plan which optimizes your company's singular attributes. Our project plan will become a roadmap to successful results on time, at or under budget. We have many case studies which we will be happy to review with you. 


Requests for Information (RFIs)

If vendor and applications selection is central to your media technology improvement project, the EDGE Media Practice is prepared with effective templates to trim the list of pretenders into real contenders. We can help your company arrive at decision-making criteria which result in appropriate selections. Ask to review our templates.

The EDGE Media Practice is the perfect consulting partner for media clients. Why?

  1. EDGE has the deep subject matter expertise found at much larger consulting firms but at a fraction of the cost.

  2. EDGE blends consulting with staffing and recruiting services. We we can locate the right project resource whereas other strictly consulting firms recycle the same talent

  3. EDGE Subject Matter Experts have spent significant parts of their careers on the client side. They understand your concerns and your objectives. 

  4. EDGE emphasize results over processes, actions over concepts and deliverables over white papers

  5. EDGE empowers media clients to afforably hire the best project consulting resources available.