Media Project Leadership

Taking your media company’s project from planning through execution requires rare leadership skills. EDGE Project Managers offer a blend of team and change management expertise, administrative precision and trustworthy client engagement. They will completely understand your business and your goals.


EDGE Project Managers will:

·         Align a team of skilled EDGE resources with your company’s key managers

·         Deliver the project’s anticipated outcome on time, at or under budget

·         Provide timely updates on the project’s status

·         Anticipate and mitigate project risk

·         Exceed delivery expectations


EDGE Project Managers are well-versed in structured methodologies, such as Waterfall, PMI PMBOK and Agile.  Many have earned valuable professional certifications such as the Project Management Professional and/or Certified Scrum Master designations.  

Project leadership is the linchpin to a successful outcome after a lengthy execution and significant investment. EDGE welcomes an opportunity to discuss our Media Project Managers and their recent work.

Comprehensive Project Plans 

EDGE Project Managers drill down Strategic Project Plans into detailed agendas. These agendas identify goals, activities, resources and deliverables for every project phase from initial functional requirements gathering through post-implementation support. EDGE Project Plans catalogue every anticipated development, thereby leading to predictable outcomes. However, the plans remain flexible enough for adjustments as project events warrant. We will offer case studies relevant to your project.

Media Technology Blueprints

Media technologies that are being upgraded or expanded are often dependent on applications in a technology ecosystem and workflow. EDGE Project Managers and IT/IS Experts are experienced in a wide variety of media technology environments and know how to optimize integrations and streamline data/file exchanges. We can map your optimal technology environment if you suspect your current platform is not in its most cost-efficient state. 

Requests For Proposals (RFPs)

Turning a request for information (RFI) into a decision-making request for proposal (RFP) takes experience and finesse. The due diligence performed on providers and their solutions must result in all ‘fits’ being properly valued and all ‘gaps’ closed or minimized. Within the media industry, EDGE has pioneered a unique method for elevating decision-making criteria from the exhaustive amount of captured data. Clients and vendors have praised this methodology. Allow us to explain what we do to cut through the clutter. 

User & Data Migration Plans

Effective change management hinges on two separate migrations during a project: one for key data and the other for key users of the new or updated technology. Data migrated from one platform to another must be expertly mapped for accuracy and usability. This mapping needs to be performed at a cost which is reasonable relative to the value of the data. Users should transition to the new technology confidently and efficiently, necessitating that User Acceptance Testing and Training be completed before the new technology is in production.

EDGE can refer you to specific projects on which we molded providers’ proposed plans to best fit clients’ workflows and resources. 

The Media Practice at EDGE is the perfect choice of project leadership sources available to media clients. Why?

  1. EDGE has the depth of project leadership expertise normally found at much larger consulting firms but at a fraction of the cost

  2. EDGE blends project management with staffing and recruiting services, so we can locate the right team resource whereas other firms without these capabilities simply recycle the same talent

  3. EDGE Project Managers and Senior Business Analysts have spent significant parts of their careers on the client side. They understand your objectives and your concerns. 

  4. EDGE emphasize results over processes, activities over concepts and deliverables over white papers

  5. EDGE enables media clients to afford the best project leadership resources available to complement their company’s internal management