Media Recruiting & Staffing

The most important factor in selecting a search partner is the comprehensiveness of the firm’s service.  EDGE is prepared to handle every aspect of recruitment from initial candidate identification through post-onboarding support.  Our core service offerings include many items which other firms consider “ancillary”. 

During the course of a search assignment, we follow specific procedures which have proven successful over many years. The major milestones in our process are described below.  

Position Description

The first step in successfully executing a search is to work with the client to clearly and completely define the client’s requirements for the position. This process involves identifying not only the specific occupational skills and experience needed, but also the personal and cultural attributes which will lead to success. The resulting position description serves as a guide for our candidate research and evaluation.


Our initial sourcing activities focus on tapping into the extensive network of Media industry contacts Edge has developed through the years.  Because we thoroughly understand the business, we are able to quickly identify candidates who match the position requirements.  On those rare situations in which our network does not produce the quantity or quality of candidates needed, our Recruiters conduct original research until the candidate pipeline is filled.  We then contact prospective candidates and describe the position. The client’s identity remains confidential  until its release is authorized.

Internal EDGE Candidate Interviews

Qualified candidates are invited for an in-depth interview, which is typically conducted by The Media Practice’s Director of Talent Acquisition and at least one additional member of our Recruiting team. This process enables us to assess each candidate’s qualifications, personality, professionalism and overall “fit” for the job.   

Candidate Submittals

After the internal interviews are completed, we submit only those candidates whom we believe have the ability to excel in the position.  We carefully highlight for the client those factors which we believe separate a candidate from the crowd. Those factors most often include specific skills, verifiable professional accomplishments, unique experiences and desirable character traits.

Client Interviews, Selection and Onboarding

When a client has decided which candidates will be interviewed, we arrange the meetings with those individuals. It is our experience that from this point forward, EDGE's involvement varies from client to client. Some clients choose to communicate the offer to the selected candidate, conduct salary negotiations and complete the onboarding process entirely on their own. Others request varying degrees of our support with these tasks. As a client-focused organization, we stand ready to help in whatever capacity the client deems appropriate.      


The leaders of our Media practice all have many years of experience at prominent Media companies. We have recruited countless individuals within the film, television, cable, radio, home video Digital Media and music sectors. We are quick, responsive and results-oriented. Our entire firm operates as a team, which enables us to quickly identify and select only "Top Tier" talent. That is our mission and it is a challenge which we welcome every day.